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Sami Gayle, Actress in the CBS Television show Blue Bloods.

Sami Gayle, Actress in the CBS Television show Blue Bloods.


Lisa Ramsay

Photographer/Producer/Creative Director

Media/Marketing- NYC based.
917 - 992 - 9211

email: ramsay.lisa@gmail.com

I love what I do! I'm not only interested in helping my clients's bottom line but providing stunning photography images that showcases what I can do creatively. I love connecting with my subjects and presenting their best qualities.

What I bring to your assignment, project or branding photography shoot. Dependability, honesty, creativity and laughter. I work tirelessly to capture images that best fit your vision, along with thoughtful suggestions. I can bring a team of creatives to elevate your project as well as lead a team. My contacts in various industries are always ready to be part of my assignments. I want to produce work and a shoot day that is seamless and fun! Laughter is a must on set.

Producing still and video shoots for clients are additional services I can offer. Marketing and media functions such as copy writing, videography, social media content and retouching are part of my creative services.

All images are the copyright owner of Lisa Ramsay. Reproduction without consent is not adviseble or legal.